Other projects

Freelance services for several data analysis, web scrappers and API development projects.
Vital Interaction is a company based in Austin, Texas that focuses on automating communications and patient appointments for medical practitioners. My contribution consisted in the development of new features for the web application.
Design engine was a project of DEio, a startup that focused on helping graphic design teams to control the whole design and communication process via an AI bot. The project consisted in creating a NLP model to automate the classification of customer requests.
Allied Global is a leading company based in Guatemala that provides inbound and outbound marketing, contact center and BPO services. My contribution consisted in providing social media insights for clients, and the construction of a real-time dashboard to visualize the agent’s performances.
Armana corporation is a startup based in Guatemala that facilitates online shopping for Latin American users, using local currency payments and financing options, and integrated logistics. My contribution consisted in maintaining and solving issues of the legacy code.
Empresa Portuaria Quetzal is the institution responsible for the administration and management of Puerto Quetzal, the largest seaport of Guatemala. My contribution consisted in maintaining the legacy code and administrate the institutional website.