Here are some of my personal projects, and the technologies I used

Operating Systems: Debian, Ubuntu, Windows

Programming tools: GIT, bash shell, Vagrant, Docker

Data science tools: Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn, Scrapy, Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Anaconda, Seaborn, MatplotLib

Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle

  • Meta-learning model for skin melanoma detection (ResNet)
  • Deep learning model for diabetic retinopathy detection (CNN)
  • Genetic algorithm optimization for controlling a mobile robot (Simulating annealing)
  • Implementing the SCUT algorithm (Pandas, Numpy)
  • Machine learning model to classify thyroid diseases (SVM, Random Forest)
  • Implementation of a sentiment classification model for microblog texts in Spanish – Graduate thesis (Naive Bayes, SVM)
  • Restaurant bot for Facebook Messenger (Google Natural Language API, NodeJs, Python)
  • Recruitment management system (Laravel, D3js, MySQL)

You can also have a look at my other projects